Combo Video Transcript

0.  ALL THE DRIVES (Should work on everyone?)
6C > j.D > j.236C > 6D > j.236C > 5D > j.623B > 2D > FRKZ > 2362369A
Have to jump cancel the 2D to be able to cancel it into any ground super/special and the only really applicable for Ashura at least in 2D’s case since it launches too high for other specials.  It works for FRKZ, but you're probably not going to find that many situations.

1.  Fuzzy Guard setup (Tager and taller characters)
Blocking (5c) > j.B > j.C > 3Dash > j.A > 5A > 5B > 2B > 6C > IAD > j.4C > j.623B > 66 > 5C > 6D > 623B > AshuraThis combo does not work if the 5C hits because 5C forces crouching.  Nothing too complicated, but during the editing process, I had to shorten ashura in order to have it sync well with the music.  Otherwise, straightforward corner carry combo showcasing a fuzzy guard setup

2.  6B combo (Only Tager?)
This combo was really annoying to do.  You can’t IAD after the 6B because otherwise you won’t go over Tager.  You have to jump a little then airdash in order to get this combo to work.  I wanted to have some amusing stupid combo with IAD involved and this happened.

3.  Airgrab combos   (Everyone except Tager maybe?)
a) Cross under
Airgrab > rapid > airdash under > j.4B > rapid > j.C > 5A > 5B > j.A > j.B > j.4C > j.4C > j.C > 236A
b) Stay on same side
Airgrab > rapid > airdash backwards > 623B > 6C > j.D > 2B > 623B > 6C > j.4C > j.623B > Ashura
Only the cross under combo was really annoying to do.  You need to rapid before you disappear.  The timing to dash under I believe depends on how high you grab them so it makes it even mroe painful.  Otherwise the meat of the combos are pretty basic.

4.  Command Grab Jayoku      
623C > 6C > 9Dash > j.4C > j.623B > 6D > 623B > Ashura
I originally wanted to do it on wake up Jayoku, but because I did the recording and with BB’s input buffer, trying to do it on wake up wasn’t consistent enough so I just did it right there.  It’s about a 4 frame (I think?) window in order to grab Hazama out of Jayoku because it’s a pain.  Kept it simple after that.  Edited the super to make it shorter and sync with the music

Daifunka > third hit rapid > 5D > j.4C > j.623B > 5B > j.A > j.B > j.4C > j.4C > j.C
I just wanted to do a full screen corner carry.  Daisharin wasn’t actually necessary but it was more interesting (I think).  I kept it pretty simple after that :/

6.  Kaeru loop without FRKZ (Any Character)    
Starting near corner
6C > 9Dash > j.4C > 6Dash > j.A > j.623B > 66 > 6D > j.236C > Burst > 5C > j.236C > 5C > 2C > 623B > Rapid > Burst > Daifunka
The original intention was to try and replicate the Kaeru loop without FRKZ, but I then learned that you can’t even do j.4C > Bumper Dash > j.4C doesn’t work.  So I did what I could.  All the bursts were originally there so I could get more nails in and have Daifunka ender, but it turned out even better than expected for syncing.  Also, didn't know that you could cancel j.A into j.623B and it would combo.

7.  Trolololol FRKZ Combo  (Any Character)  
FRKZ Combo crouching only
5c fatal > 6A Cross up 9 times > 6a > 6a > 2C > 2B > 623B > Rapid > 9 Dash > 236C > Daifunka
This combo is just really amusing to me.  Once I learned that you could loop 6As in FRKZ, I just wanted to know how many I could get in the same combo.  TBH, probably could have gotten more after the Rapid if I just dashed in and did 6A, but then I wouldn’t have been able to do Daifunka D:

8.  3C Fatal combo.  (Tager cause he's fat :/)
a) 3C fatal > IAD > j.4B > 5B > sj.B > j.4C > j.C > rapid > j.4C > 623B > Stuff
b) 3C fatal > IAD > j.4B > 2B  “ ”
Just wanted to have a combo that divert, and then merge back together again.  Because it’s done in the middle, I’m not too sure of any sort of fancy post-editing trick that I could have done to make them appear both at the same time so w/e.  Also one of the few times you can run after a 623B without having it be a fatal counter or just a micro dash.

9.  lol Steel rain (Any Character fast enough to escape the corner)
623C > Rapid before last hit > j.B > j.4C > j.C > Airdash > Get hit by nails > j.4C > j.623B > 5B > j.A > j.B > j.4C > j.C
Steel rain is stupid. It’s pretty much random as to how the nails will fall out, so getting this combo to work took a few tries before everything looked nice.  In the combo video, it shows me having 50 meter left, but I already used 100, 50 from Steel Rain and another 50 from rapid.

10. FRKZ Full Life combo   (Works on all characters except Tager)   
Starting back in corner
FRKZ 6C counter > 2Dash > 6Dash > GB > GB > 4Dash > 3C > 2C > 623B > rapid > 6Dash > 6C > 9Dash > j.4C > 6dash-canceled j.D > 2Dash > 5C > 6D > 6Dash > 2D pause > (9Dash > j.4C > 6Dash > j.4c > 6Dash > j.4c)*4 > 9Dash > j.4C > 6Dash > j.4C > j.623B > DAIFUNKA
The only combo I actually planned out (at work lol).  Shout outs to Kaeru for his gdlk FRKZ loop.  I just wanted max damage.  I extended the Daifunka animation out to sync with the music.

11.  j.AAAAAAA   (Tager specific :<)  
j.A > j.A > j.A > j.A > j.A > j.4C > j.623B > 66 > j.A > j.A > j.B > j.B > j.4C > j.C > j.623B > Rapid > Ashura  >  720 lol jk 2A
I wanted to crank out the proration to the point that Ashura fucks up.  To those who don’t know, the proration of a combo can go so high, you immediately tech.  Starting with j.A, using multiple j.As and repeating j.623B caused the proration to be completely destroyed so that after the Ashura, they immediately tech.  Obviously, Bang is at a disadvantage, but it turns out it’s completely safe.  Also whiff 720 has some interesting hitboxes for w/e reason

12.  B nail/A nail oki setup (Not small characters :/)
stuff > 6C > j.623B > 5B > 623B > 5B > 5A > 5B > j.4C > j.7C >
While falling down, before hitting the floor, throw a b/a nail.  A nail only
works if opponent is definitely going to tech late.  
Tech situations:
Neutral tech - Throw B nail.  Let Ragna/whoever DP.  Jump in while barriering
to block DP then punish with nail explosion > 5C (maybe?)
Late tech - Throw B nail -> no matter where they tech, respond with a j.4C/j.B so
they can't move anywhere.  Continue pressure after nail explodes
Throw B nail -> IAD and command grab for great lulz
Haven’t finished this yet, will edit it again

13.  WEBNAILS EVERYWHERE (Any character I think)   
5C fatal > webnail > FRKZ > 2C > 7dash > webnail > 6C > 9Dash > j.4C > (2)j.D > j.236C > 5C > 6D > 9Dash > j.236C > 6C > j.623B > Ashura I just wanted to use a bunch of webnails.  I could have used another one after j.623B with a rapid but meh.  Shortened Ashura to match with the music.  You can kinda see I fucked up a bit by seeing how Relius spins.

14.  Full life resets (Any character I think)
counter hit 6C > 9 jump > 3 Dash > 5C (wrong way) > 2C > 623B > 5B > 6C > j.4C > j.623B > 5B > j.A > j.B > j.4C > j.4C > j.C
9 jump > 6 BDash > j.C > 5A > 2A > 2A > 5B > 2B > 6C > j.623B > 66D > 623B > 6C > 9jump
Airgrab > j.236B > 5A > j.6321463214D
For the bumper dash, could edit in with different mixups done with bumpers. noncross up j.C, 3Dash 2A, j.A whiff to 2A low
I wanted to use the same bumper twice a combo cause that would be nice.  Ended up using it as a reset.  Also wanted astral in some way hence the reset.  Originally I recorded this in 3 parts thinking that I could splice it all together.  Turns out that the stage background changes when it wants to so I never was able to get it smoothly done.  So, I ended up recording it in one go which was slightly annoying.

1.  STEEL RAINNN (Tager cause he's fat :/)
j.623C > Rapid last hit > 632146B
Pretty easy combo, though you want to do Steel Rain right after you rapid.  The editing was kinda a bitch.

2.  STEEL RAINNN (Jin/Hakumen)
6C > j.623B > 6623B > 6C > j.D > 2B > j.B > j.4C > j.C > 5A > 5B > j.A > j.4C > j.623B > 236236A
So, it's impossible to punish Yukikaze if they're activated because there's full invincibility all the way, so I just went for a guard break setup.  It doesn't look like it works in the combo video because of the randomness of Steel Rain and I was too lazy to re-record because it was annoying.

3.  STEEL RAINNN (Any character)
Steel Rain > Daifunka > Uncombo > LAST HIT
The last hit of Daifunka turns out to be unblockable, so yea.  It was a setup I saw in CT a long time ago.  I don't remember who did it, but I remember seeing it and wanting to do something with it.  It's not hard, just kinda weird.  There was a few times when Bang kinda stopped in the middle of Daifunka even though it hit :/  Also it seems to be burstable after Rachel techs.... so I don't know what'll actually happen in that situation

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