Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Brawl + Distant Worlds

It's been quite a while since I've written on my blog.  Mainly due to a bunch of work coming up such as tests, homework and what not.  In fact, I just finished a homework assignment due today and I still have another one due Friday which will take quite a bit of time.  But in the mean time, I talk about the more interesting things that I did over the past few weeks.

It kinda worked out like this
So, a couple weeks ago I went to Winter Brawl with a bunch of people from Pittsburgh.  I would have to say the most interesting thing about this trip was actually the ride there and back.  Due to some complications, we ended up having to fit 6 people into a car.  It wasn't a sedan so we didn't have to cram 4 people in the back, but since we did have a Prius, we had to stick someone into the trunk.  So, a friend sat in the trunk for the whole 6 hours to Pennsylvania, and the 6 hours back to Pittsburgh.  Keep in mind that aside from him, the trunk was completely packed.  So he was squished between all of our luggage which was quite amusing.  But, what I found even more amusing, was when we took breaks to get gas or food.  We would have to take him out of the car through the trunk, and when we were done, pack him back into the trunk.  Watching the reactions of people that could see us doing this was absolutely hilarious.  Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of this, but the confusion on their faces was definitely something to see.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pre-Winter Brawl + Persona 4

Still need to learn combos nuoooooooo
So, I've been lazy with my blog and missed another week =__=  Maybe one day I can actually update my blog on a regular basis like I say I will rather than just haphazardly updating when I feel like it.  So there's now only a couple days before Winter Brawl.  Unfortunately for me, I haven't got as much practice in any of the games that I want to play.  With Blazblue CS2 Extend out now, Bang has a few combos to learn along which I unfortunately haven't gotten enough time in training mode.  While we're at it, Melty Blood is another game that I didn't get to practice as much as I wanted to.  My Satsuki is not up to par yet.  I can do combos, but my post-knockdown mixup is really bad right now.  So, there's issues that I wish I had time to iron out, but couldn't really do them due to homework and tests which is always fun.

Another thing related to Winter Brawl is that my friend and I are going to be recording matches.  This'll be the first time that we record for something actually serious so that should be pretty interesting and hopefully a good experience.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

School + CMUken/Fighting Games

I'd be the one sleeping if I was a "guy".
And Kanji watched over me while I sleep.
So, I apologize for not updating my blog because I'm lazy and bad at managing time.  Alot of it has been laziness on my part, but a small part of it was because I had a bunch of work to do, but honestly that's not really the point.

School has been a little bit more than I expected.  Then again, this is probably because I was at Setsucon last weekend and didn't do any work that weekend or the week before that.  Because of that, I had a bunch of homework due last week.  This made my work, and sleep schedule pretty messed up seeing that I slept at like 6 am for 5 days in the last week.