Friday, June 29, 2012

TSB 6/23 + Spring Anime 2012

I dunno what to put so have some
yukkuris :<
So this past weekend was a Team St1ckBuG tournament, also known as TSB, a tournament that is based solely on more niche(read as anime) fighting games including Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Virtua Fighter, and Melty.  Honestly, I went to the tournament to have fun, and see friends.  I didn’t expect that much from results and such because I was still (and still am) preparing for my combo video.  Also, I hadn’t played fighting games against someone else since ECT which was 2 weeks ago.  Either way, going to TSB was convenient since I was already in NY so travelling wouldn’t be an issue thanks to the subway.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bang CMV + Persona 4 Arena

So after watching the multitudes of combo videos that America has made recently in Blazblue, I was thinking that I want to make one myself.  If nothing else, it’s something that interests me and something that will keep me occupied at actually produce something (unlike last summer :/).  Most importantly, this project has a concrete deadline which should force me to get into it.  I have to release this CMV before P4A comes out in Japan, in other words, when Blazblue fades into obscurity.   So ideally, I will release it a week or two before P4A comes out which gives me about 3-4 weeks to complete this combo video.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ECT 4 + Internship

I don't even remember seeing a Hakumen
Only Ragna :/
So ECT 4 just happened last weekend and I have to say, it was a great experience.  I got to meet a bunch of people on the east coast including a couple of people from Montreal.  Even without playing Blazblue for over a couple of weeks, I didn't do too poorly considering that.  Even so, I'm still disappointed for not being able to make it out of pools, and because of that, there are no match videos of how I messed up, though I do have a general idea of what I did wrong.  I also entered Marvel... but I don't really want to think or talk about that.  Also, last week I started my internship at an investment bank.  Actually working is very different than school, especially here.  Expected behavior, social conduct, and what's in general expected of me, is very different than what I'm used to.