Saturday, December 14, 2013

School + NEC

It will be all over soon :<
It's actually been way to long since I've written a blogpost, like about a half a year at this point haha.  If you want to see NEC shoutouts, they should be down there.  Hopefully I'll be able to take care of this blog a little better until the next NEC.  In fact, alot has happened since the last post here!  School started, BBCP came out, NEC happened, and the second last semester for me ending yesterday.  Honestly there's alot of things inbetween that I don't even remember all that well, but this semester has honestly flown past pretty quickly, I feel like possibly the fastest, but at the time it was also one of the more arduous semesters for me.  All I have to say from this semester is that I hate signals and systems and I hope I never ever have to deal with them again.  If I do, I will be very sad ;__;