Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NorCal + Internship

This is a little late... as in exactly from last week, but I decided why not post it anyways? I'll write one soon enough about Fanime and that whole experience sometime before Friday... I think :/

So, while I wait for a build to be made, why not start a blog post or something?  Probably won’t be able to do that much after this with work picking up and what not.  Alot of have things have changed since my last blog post... which was like 4 months ago.  Semester has ended, which turned out to be as I expected, and actually better than I was bracing myself for.  Not to say that it was great, it was still kind of a shitty semester, but hey it’s suppose to be my hardest so woo!  I’m now in Alameda, doing an internship which is pretty sweet.  So, I’m living in NorCal for the summer which should be a nice and refreshing experience since it’s my first time on the West Coast.