Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Senior Year/Graduation + Crunchyroll

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It's... been definitely quite a while since the last time I decided to make a blog post.  I don't think I made a blog post during senior year, so I guess this update is going to be like a really broad update as to life and what has happened I guess up until now.  I can only hope that I can actually update this a little more often than I have for the past year... maybe even once every few weeks!  Ideally every week but there are never any guarantees :<

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random Short Guide to kakorokuRecorder

This isn't really that important, but here's just a short little guide on how to use kakorokuRecorder.  First of all, this is used to download timeshifted videos, so I'm assuming that you already know how to timeshift videos and have already timeshifted one.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

School + NEC

It will be all over soon :<
It's actually been way to long since I've written a blogpost, like about a half a year at this point haha.  If you want to see NEC shoutouts, they should be down there.  Hopefully I'll be able to take care of this blog a little better until the next NEC.  In fact, alot has happened since the last post here!  School started, BBCP came out, NEC happened, and the second last semester for me ending yesterday.  Honestly there's alot of things inbetween that I don't even remember all that well, but this semester has honestly flown past pretty quickly, I feel like possibly the fastest, but at the time it was also one of the more arduous semesters for me.  All I have to say from this semester is that I hate signals and systems and I hope I never ever have to deal with them again.  If I do, I will be very sad ;__;

Monday, August 5, 2013


It's about time I made a blog post about my experiences in the past couple of weeks which were pretty crazy.  I got to go to alot of places namely Los Angeles and Las Vegas which was nice to see a
different part of the west coast outside of the bay area.  Though I do have to say that out of all the places I've been to so far, I enjoy NorCal the best right now.  The weather and the community as so far been a blast to be with so I'm very happy that I've had the opportunity to intern here in NorCal.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fanime + NCI

pretty coo
Well, it's been a while since I've written a blog post.  Mainly because I've been kinda busy just doing things, but I've been having alot of fun out here in California.  The last time I remember talking about things was Fanime.  Fanime was hella godlike, and there was alot of really fun things to see. I got to meet the majority of the Norcal scene there including ApologyMan, 2Gb, DacidBro, Mike, Pavo, and a bunch of other really fun people.  There was some great times with Chun, Ron, Tone, Daryl, and others and the legend that is Dokapon.  That game is so depressing... I don't believe anyone should ever be subjected to it ever again.  Fanime has the most gdlk game room that I've seen so far at an anime convention.  Monitors are actually lagless, there's a decent game collection and there were alot of people to play with!  Though, Marvel was a pay to play setup which was really sad, but I had alot of good times hanging out with the Norcal scene.  I've also had the opputunity to go to GameCenter quite often.  Myung, the owner of GameCenter, is a really cool guy.  I only wish that GameCenter was more successful than it is right now because it's a great place to hang out with people.  Unfortunately, it's also the only place where I can netplay so that's really inconvenient for trying to play which kinda sucks.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NorCal + Internship

This is a little late... as in exactly from last week, but I decided why not post it anyways? I'll write one soon enough about Fanime and that whole experience sometime before Friday... I think :/

So, while I wait for a build to be made, why not start a blog post or something?  Probably won’t be able to do that much after this with work picking up and what not.  Alot of have things have changed since my last blog post... which was like 4 months ago.  Semester has ended, which turned out to be as I expected, and actually better than I was bracing myself for.  Not to say that it was great, it was still kind of a shitty semester, but hey it’s suppose to be my hardest so woo!  I’m now in Alameda, doing an internship which is pretty sweet.  So, I’m living in NorCal for the summer which should be a nice and refreshing experience since it’s my first time on the West Coast.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
It's been quite a while since I've actually bothered to write a blog post. Mainly because I've been pretty lazy and haven't really wanted to do anything. Though I have done quite a bit since my last blog post. I've finished my Akihiko combo video right before NEC, went to NEC, finished school that semester, went skiing, played through FF XIII-2 (mostly), Jourdal's youtube channel got bodied, created a burst tutorial, went to Apex, and just finished MGS4 yesterday. Oh and the new semester started on Monday, but that's not relevant of course. Quite a few things have happened over the past few months, but it's been quite the ride. I'll probably write a separate post for my Akihiko CMV after I'm done talking about other things.