Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fanime + NCI

pretty coo
Well, it's been a while since I've written a blog post.  Mainly because I've been kinda busy just doing things, but I've been having alot of fun out here in California.  The last time I remember talking about things was Fanime.  Fanime was hella godlike, and there was alot of really fun things to see. I got to meet the majority of the Norcal scene there including ApologyMan, 2Gb, DacidBro, Mike, Pavo, and a bunch of other really fun people.  There was some great times with Chun, Ron, Tone, Daryl, and others and the legend that is Dokapon.  That game is so depressing... I don't believe anyone should ever be subjected to it ever again.  Fanime has the most gdlk game room that I've seen so far at an anime convention.  Monitors are actually lagless, there's a decent game collection and there were alot of people to play with!  Though, Marvel was a pay to play setup which was really sad, but I had alot of good times hanging out with the Norcal scene.  I've also had the opputunity to go to GameCenter quite often.  Myung, the owner of GameCenter, is a really cool guy.  I only wish that GameCenter was more successful than it is right now because it's a great place to hang out with people.  Unfortunately, it's also the only place where I can netplay so that's really inconvenient for trying to play which kinda sucks.