Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NorCal + Internship

This is a little late... as in exactly from last week, but I decided why not post it anyways? I'll write one soon enough about Fanime and that whole experience sometime before Friday... I think :/

So, while I wait for a build to be made, why not start a blog post or something?  Probably won’t be able to do that much after this with work picking up and what not.  Alot of have things have changed since my last blog post... which was like 4 months ago.  Semester has ended, which turned out to be as I expected, and actually better than I was bracing myself for.  Not to say that it was great, it was still kind of a shitty semester, but hey it’s suppose to be my hardest so woo!  I’m now in Alameda, doing an internship which is pretty sweet.  So, I’m living in NorCal for the summer which should be a nice and refreshing experience since it’s my first time on the West Coast.

Speaking of, the weather here has been quite amazing since I’ve came.  Only sunny weather, and constantly around 60-70 degrees which is pretty great since out in NJ and PA, the weather can be quite... variable.  And not the most pleasant while we’re at it.  Of course, this only comes from me being here for 4 days as of now, but from what I’ve heard, the weather doesn’t change much around here so I’m ok with that.  My work environment is pretty sweet.  I have my own office with two shiny new computers to work with.  Both of them are i7-3770 and have 8 GB of RAM so, plenty of power to do things around here.  Everyone around here seems pretty chill and nice so not too worried about fitting in either.  Though waiting around for a build to be made for 30 minutes (actually) is pretty obnoxious, but not too much you can do about that.  Work seems like it’s all going to be in lower level stuff and going to involve quite a bit of debugging so it seems I’ll be quite occupied at work.

Now being in NorCal opens alot of new options.  I can now visit the people in NorCal which is probably the most exciting prospect of being here.  I’ll be going to GameCenter on Thursday to hang out with NorCal and meet Siglemic as well which’ll be a nice experience as well.  This weekend I’ll be going to Fanime as well where I’ll get to see some friends back from NJ and friends from CMU as well so that’ll be pretty fun too.  Aside from those two things, I don’t have any other plans for the rest of the summer aside from Evo and Otakon.  I’ve been thinking of going to Anime Expo, but who knows.  Hopefully I can find a group to travel with to Evo and Anime Expo because I don’t feel like paying for a plane ticket cause they’re expensive ;__;  I really want to go out and play people in games because I haven’t since leaving school about a week and a half ago, so I’m really excited for that.

The only real mistake that I’ve made coming here, is I brought the wrong console.  I brought a... special xbox, which doesn’t let me netplay.   I honestly didn’t expect myself wanting to netplay here when I was packing, but last night when I was streaming, I really wanted to play games against people.  And without netplay, I couldn’t really do it.  Hopefully playing tomorrow and on the weekend will at least satiate that for a little.  Gotta grind training mode anyways since there’s alot of things that I’ve been meaning to practice that I’ve just ignored.  

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