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School + NEC

It will be all over soon :<
It's actually been way to long since I've written a blogpost, like about a half a year at this point haha.  If you want to see NEC shoutouts, they should be down there.  Hopefully I'll be able to take care of this blog a little better until the next NEC.  In fact, alot has happened since the last post here!  School started, BBCP came out, NEC happened, and the second last semester for me ending yesterday.  Honestly there's alot of things inbetween that I don't even remember all that well, but this semester has honestly flown past pretty quickly, I feel like possibly the fastest, but at the time it was also one of the more arduous semesters for me.  All I have to say from this semester is that I hate signals and systems and I hope I never ever have to deal with them again.  If I do, I will be very sad ;__;

That's enough about school I guess so I'll talk a bit about BBCP.  I think BBCP is a pretty fun iteration overall.  I would say the most worrying and daunting thing for a new
At least it's not golden tager?
player is the amount of characters that are in the game.  Although it allows for alot of different play styles to accommodated, I know it was one of the scary things when I decided to pick up Guilty Gear.  Now BB has more characters than GG does!  It's actually pretty absurd, but something also cool at the same time.  And for the amount of characters that it has, the balance is pretty good too!  Learning matchups against the new characters are pretty weird.  With this iteration, Bullet, Amane, Izayoi, Terumi, Kokonoe, and Kagura are all new to this game.  Each with their own small little gimmick as usual.  I think Amane is really cool, but super hard to balance around.  I hope that Amane sees more play in the next iteration (shoutouts to Eshi!).  Kokonoe has the other really cool drive, but its effect affects how the cast plays neutral completely which is definitely super weird and sometimes frustrating at times.  Because of that, Kokonoe can play a game where she can affect the other player's position and move them to a much more unfavorable position.  Dealing with her in the future is going to continue to be a pain haha.

Bang always bang :3
I've been having quite a bit of fun with this  game.  Bang is pretty different than he used to be, his TK D nails and his B(explosion) nails changing quite a bit.  I liked to use the B nail as a way to control the air space around 1/2-3/4 screen away, but by changing the angle of the nail to be similar to A(poison) nail, it's alot less useful I feel.  They also changed how it works in the corner where it bounces around in the corner alot.  It explodes alot farther away from the corner because of this too which makes me pretty sad since I can't use it for oki setup now.  On the other hand, A nail is now(has been?) really good
at controlling neutral.  It let's me approach with something against anti-airs, have something like an almost horizontal fireball which I can throw out and land.  It's definitely super good in conjunction with air dashing which is super nice.  Bang's new combo routes are pretty cool, but I'm still really sad about the lack of crouching combos mid-screen.  Also RIP in pieces FRKZ, it was a good run ;__;

anime and marvel ye
Now the last weekend was NEC(North East Championship), probably THE tournament that I was going to go to!  I was super happy that I was able to go and play.  To many this may just sound like an excuse, but I went to NEC with the intention of hanging out with people.  2 weeks prior NEC was honestly the last time I touched alot of the games that I played, if not longer which is kinda unfortunate but with school and such, I couldn't fit in practicing before.  It was quite the eye opening experience honestly.  I played in quite alot of games that weekend, AE Teams, UMVC3 Teams, BBCP (Teams and Singles), P4A, and UMVC3.  Let me just say quickly that for single

My performance wasn't that great, but I had fun!  But I had a bigger revelation how large of a skill gap there was from me and top players in UMVC3.  I played against Neo with his team of Magneto, Doom, Phoenix.  I don't think I ever played a game where I felt more helpless.  I've played against ApologyMan's Firebrand, but like I can get hits here and there and if I get a hit, I can make things work.  But the way Neo called missiles and used Magneto's movement to run away and move in at the right moments was something I hadn't experienced before ever.  I knew Neo was good, but when i watched him on stream, he didn't seem on the next level that the top UMVC3 players were.  But, even then how commanding he had neutral in the bag was something I was not ready for.  I was thouroughly impressed by Neo's play and have new found respect for him honestly.  And I don't know if I want to put that much effort in Marvel in order to beat that.

Just being with everyone is fun :3
 For BBCP and P4A, my nerves are bad still even now.  I can still play, but key moments I make almost the right decision, but it's not quite on point.  The key moments for me was missing combos against Colpevole and baiting but fucking up the Houtenjin, and with Huey, I confirmed that I activated 6D with 5A so I tried to barrier which only gatlinged into 2B and got be counter hit.  It's definitely still an issue and I don't know how to really deal with it correctly.  I think... keeping my cool is really important though.  To not crack under pressure.  But then again, if it was so easy, it wouldn't be something that people would be admired for.
s in UMVC3 I DQ'ed myself to help run the stream/commentary and I think I was alot happier that way haha.  AE teams and UMVC3 teams were a really last minute thing, but I had alot of fun.  We lost to EMP in AE and FGTV in UMVC3 which is actually pretty perfect all things considering.  With UMVC3 teams, we played against KV, Travis, and Huey first.  That was the perfect reason why I love teams because both our teams just shit on each other and had alot of fun!  I fucked up real bad and lost but Guiseppe and Diaphone picked up the slack for me :3  AE teams, I'm bad and I want to jump in haha.  P4A, I lost to Scottie Yosh and Pain, but honestly I don't think I was making out of that pool with Pain and SKD orz.  BBCP Teams, I died to the Kagura matchup (Good shit Bill though haha), and died to Colpevole (ahhhhhhhh) where I baited wake up Houtenjin, but I messed up the bait and died to it.  BB singles, I lost to Huey in Bang mirrors first round orz

Improving is hard.  I think I might write something about that later this month along with commentary since that's actually what I really liked doing at NEC, maybe even as soon as next week!  Depends on how much I enjoy typing haha.
Shoutouts to Jojo poses <3

In other news NEC Shoutouts let's goooooooooooooo
St1ckbug, DaiandOh, Biscuits, MakotoFox - Thank you so much guys for help running my brackets and such!  Especially St1ckbug for letting me commentate and man the stream when I could!  Team St1ckBuG is always great!
Lord Knight - Thanks so much for letting me commentate with you for BB top 4.  It really really meant alot to me.  Also thanks for Tokyo Tea at Copa haha I died \o/
Travis, KV, c0r, Huey, Logic, Shyn - Thank you for giving me a room to stay in at NEC.  Also the first time I met most of you IRL too so that was cool~  All I have to say is BATTLE OF THE GODSSSS even though I just slept through that haha
SKD, Crown, Cirno - Always a good time to hang out with you guys :3  Always super hype and everything!
Mahouko - Yoooooo dat cosplay doe.  Commentating with you was hella hype!  LOVE PHANTOOOMMMMMM
Delta - Thanks for the random advice during Persona haha xD  You were super strong in Top 4 Good shit!
Jourdal - DA GAWDDDDDDDDD YOOOOOOO THE SNOW STORMMMMMMM You're also great to hang out with to <3Brice - Lewd anime openings :3
Kaeru - You're still the best man!  I really really love you <3
Lich - Your Relius is always fun to watch, but a bitch to play against.  See you at MagFest~
Zidane - We only exchanged greetings and that's it :< sad times
Colpevole - You are my bane and I don't know why ;__-; I was pretty sad after that too ;__;
Grover - Good shit for winning P4A!  GF was really fun to watch and commentate
Naotololololol - You've improved alot!  I don't think I can win anymore ;_-;

Shoutouts to the Copa where I died and I stayed in the backroom for the whole event
Shoutouts to KV and the rest of PNW for taking care of me after I died

Fuuuckk why can't we all be in one place more often ;__; I really love you guys.  Hanging out with you guys is just too fun.

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