Monday, July 23, 2012

Bang CMV Pt. 1 + Work

It turns out it wasn't as fun as this video ahhhhh
So making a combo video turns out to be painful and slightly annoying.  I haven’t completed it yet since I still have to edit it, but I’m done making these combos.  Going into this, I only had one combo idea at the time, but aside from that, everything was improvised.  Because of that, it took me a long time to get all combos that I felt were acceptable and even then, I’m pretty sure when I’m done editing it and watch it, I’ll think all of the combos that I’ve done are boring.  Either way, I’ll finish editing it and upload it really soon either tomorrow or the day after that..

I’ve been having fun making the combo video (so far), but at the same time it’s been tedious.  For one thing, each combo pretty much started in training mode, me just messing around trying to find some weird setup that worked for whatever reason and running with it.  Again, there was only one combo that I actually combo theory’ed out using Blazblue’s annoying proration system.  Aside from that, it was a bunch of experimenting.  Partially because of this, alot of the combos that I used were very situational and sometimes really annoying to setup as many combos in combo videos are.  Not having another person to help setup certain things were pretty annoying too, but I was able to make do with what I had.  Makes me really thankful for ArcSys’s wealth of options for training mode, though I’m disappointed that there is no way to start out near the corner or in the corner automatically.

After getting an idea of how I wanted a combo to look, I had to record it.  The equipment that I used to record it was a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle which is the same thing that I’ve been using to stream both on my own channel and on Team2A.  I recorded in 720p at 30 FPS so the quality itself should be pretty good.  Aside from the equipment, actually recording the combo took some effort.  For whatever reason, I can’t stay in training mode by myself for very long before I get bored unless I have something else, like anime, to keep me amused.  Considering I make my combos up pretty much the day of, I can say that the average combo takes me about 30 minutes for creating it, experimenting with it, and finally recording it.  I generally can only do about 2 combos a day due to work and since each combo only takes 10-15 seconds of actual footage, it took quite a bit of time to make 4 minutes worth of content.

I’ve also just recently decided on the music that i plan on using.  I have some plans on how I want to sync things together, so hopefully it turns out ok.  I’ve already tried my hand at editing stuff.  I’m using Sony Vegas Pro, which seems to be pretty easy to use probably because I’m only using the simple features.  What I tried editing together was really tedious and time consuming so it should only get easier from here.  It didn’t come out as nice as I wanted it to, but I’ll write about it in a transcript later when I release the combo video.

Aside from making this combo video, the other thing taking up all my time is work.  While working, I was able to ascertain some things about myself.  The main thing I learned is that if nothing interesting is happening, I will inevitably doze off even when I have had a good night of sleep.  The natural solution to this is to keep myself active which has been quite key.  This has included drinking water, learning things on wikipedia, and whatever else is not overtly obvious that nothing is happening.  I haven’t relied on caffeine because I don’t want caffeine to be a crutch that I have to rely on.  Not to mention from what I’ve seen with my mom and my brother, caffeine withdrawal sounds painful and annoying.

The work I’ve been doing is fairly straightforward and not very complicated.  Alot of what I’m doing doesn’t involve too much critical thinking but instead involves things such as attention to detail.  My mentor is someone who is able to point out the smallest mistakes that I’ve made and notices when there is a minute detail missed as well.  I’ve noticed this has been a slight problem for me since I’m not able to distinguish why I’m not able to notice these details or if there is a shortcut in finding them.  But what I’ve been thinking recently is that there is no real shortcut to check those details.  Just going over every detail either along the way or reviewing it all, is the only surefire way of catching all of these small details.  I didn’t really do anything meaningful, but it’s still been a good learning experience for me.

Anyways, onto things that’ll be happening in the future, I’ll be done with my internship a week from now as will my finished combo video.  But from what I’ve done so far with editing, I feel it’ll take me less time to edit the whole combo video compared to what I was doing last night.  It should be pretty apparent why it took so long even though it all spans about 8 seconds when I upload the combo video.  

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