Friday, June 29, 2012

TSB 6/23 + Spring Anime 2012

I dunno what to put so have some
yukkuris :<
So this past weekend was a Team St1ckBuG tournament, also known as TSB, a tournament that is based solely on more niche(read as anime) fighting games including Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Virtua Fighter, and Melty.  Honestly, I went to the tournament to have fun, and see friends.  I didn’t expect that much from results and such because I was still (and still am) preparing for my combo video.  Also, I hadn’t played fighting games against someone else since ECT which was 2 weeks ago.  Either way, going to TSB was convenient since I was already in NY so travelling wouldn’t be an issue thanks to the subway.

And then I became Ken :<
I was pretty pumped when I got to Next Level, but soon after, I quickly became tired and really wanted to take a nap, so I took a nap until the tournament began.  When it did begin, I decided to play Marvel instead of just waiting for my match in Blazblue.  The great part was I had to play against Lich first round.  Hearing this, I was surprised, and also had an “oh...” moment since I was completely unprepared to play Blazblue.  It resulted in me dropping some combos the first game, though I eventually lost 1-2.  A stupid decision on my part, but whatever.  Either way, I was stuck in losers right after first round again.  Seems like a recurring pattern now :/  I had to play against Ril and LPT.  During my match with LPT, I started to loosen up and we both openly commentated on what we were doing during the match which was fun, but I will say that I started to lose focus and began treating it less like a tournament.  Then I had to play MashThat5a, which devolved into a complete mess.  After beating a burst after 2D with j.D, and causing a combo to prorate to the point where after Ashura, he was able to tech immediately, I just couldn’t take the match seriously and started trying to use drive in every situation.  Honestly, I’m not even sure what happened, but I completely lost my mindset and lost, but good lulz were to be had.

Hah, serious commentary?
Fuck that.
I was slightly frustrated about this, because i think if I hadn’t gone overboard, I would have won, but can’t really do anything about it now so I can only let things be as they are.  There was a Melty tournament, but I didn’t enter because I couldn’t do any links at all which turned out to be terrible.  I got to commentate for BB and Melty which was pretty fun.  BB I commentated with St1ckBuG which was pretty fun.  Based on youtube comments, we were biased towards Lich, but I don’t really remember having that sort of bias.  I felt we gave props to his opponent when given, but I wasn’t the one hearing myself talk, so that’s something for me to look back and listen to.  In Melty, I commentated with Chibi and that was.... a mess to say the least.  I’ve learned at this point that I  go with the flow of the other commentator.  So when Chibi went off topic, bounced off a couple of walls and flew into space, I went along with it.  I can’t call this good commentary, but it was amusing (at least for me) to do.  I wish I knew/played the game more so that I would have more knowledge of it, but I think it worked out ok.  Hopefully at future tournaments I can do some more commentary since I find it fun and want to improve on it.

Amusingly enough, I got 5th at TSB which was the same place that LK got.  We later talked about it and how we were on pretty much the opposite ends of the spectrum, with him frustrated about his placement, and me happy (but not actually :<) which can only be expected.  I should be able to make it out to the next TSB so hopefully I’ll have fun there too.

Now in an almost completely unrelated note, anime this season has had its shining moments, but as usual has a whole ton of crap as well.  But that’s only to be expected since what would you do if all the anime was good?  Anyways, here’s a quick run through of what I’ve watched this season
Fate/Zero - DA GAWD.  It’s been amazing, still is amazing and ended amazingly. That’s all
Haiyore Nyaruko - Started out as something possibly good, then sorta went downhill from there :/
Saki Achiga-hen - Mahjong and High School Girls.  Just like the original Saki with different girls
Space Bros - Feel good show that’s very predictable and kinda formulaic.  But it does its job well enough
Kimi to Boku 2 - Kinda like season 1 except with a more drama happening.  Still a very slow-paced show.
Zetman - Was watching it... then got bored and dropped it :/
Acchi Kocchi - Romantic comedy where nothing much happens.  It’s cute, but that’s pretty much it.
Sankarea - That girl has family issues.  Also great filler when doing boring tasks.
Natsuiro Kiseki - This show, could have been more serious, but it was never destined to be so since it’s focused around promoting an IRL idol group.
Accel World - Not bad, except for the protagonist who whines just too much :/
Upotte! - What even the guns.  I don’t understand any of this.  Also good filler.
Nazo no Kanojo X - wut even is going on i dun understand ahhhhhhhhhh
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia - Romantic comedy when it suddenly decides that plot devices are needed
Tsuritama - Fish and stuff happen and I don’t know what is going on :/
Sakamichi no Apollon - Drama, drama, drama plus a touch of jazz.  Kinda wish there was a little more of the latter, but still pretty good
Jormugand - Love the episodic format.  Guns are cool, so it all works out.
Lupin III - Same as above except add on thieves and samurai to guns.
Hyouka - Interesting solutions to amusing/interesting mysteries.  Cool for me
AKB0048 - This show sucks.  Everyone in this show sucks :/  AKB48 sucks.
Hunter x Hunter - Less gore and not as visually explicit.  Not as cool as the old one in many ways but has a higher animation budget.
That bad soccer show - Bad as the title implies.  I don’t even remember the title of it :/

So, I following/ed 19 shows this season.  That’s... alot
Also making up up (hopefully) original Bang combos sucks :/


  1. Butters here. Tell everyone at TSB I say hi. Also, when P4A drops, I intend to play with you enough that we can go to TSB with the intent of winning.