Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Senior Year/Graduation + Crunchyroll

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It's... been definitely quite a while since the last time I decided to make a blog post.  I don't think I made a blog post during senior year, so I guess this update is going to be like a really broad update as to life and what has happened I guess up until now.  I can only hope that I can actually update this a little more often than I have for the past year... maybe even once every few weeks!  Ideally every week but there are never any guarantees :<

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My senior year, from what I remember, was relatively stress free.  I can't say I remember my classes from senior year, except that I didn't have too much trouble doing them.  I would say that there were a couple of amusing things that happened though.  One of the classes that I think I took was Structure of the Japanese Language.  It was a pretty interesting enough class that wasn't too much trouble, but I think the most amusing thing in that class was that we watched anime and dramas for the examples of how Japanese is structured.  We watched pretty much all of season 2 of Chihayafuru this way which was pretty great.  We originally used Crunchyroll in order to watch them, but because of how... fickle the flash player was, we ended up using Commie Subs in order to watch Chihayafuru.  Somewhat amusing considering where I work now.

The other few things I remember from senior year was taking Web Apps.  It was a pretty fun class because it dealt with something that I certainly have had interest in for a while, namely making a website including the complications and such.  Of course it was a very basic class, so there wasn't too much in-depth into alot of things that make websites actually work such as databases and such, but it was certainly something to get the ball rolling.  A fun class to take, and also when I learned the magic that is GeoBootstrap.

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The other class that I remember was Mobile Apps... That class was pretty abysmal in every way.  Classes were way too long for what the material was I felt, the professor tried to make class mandatory even though alot of the material was just review, and assignments and quizzes I felt didn't really help teach the class materials that well even.  So all in all, kinda just a bunch of bullshit.  So, I ended up just taking that class as a pass/fail since I honestly couldn't give any shits about that class.  Honestly, I think that was probably the worst class I've ever taken ever which is unfortunate since it was one of my last classes I took in college.

And of course, after this came graduation and it's funny because the first thing that alot of people ask you is, how do you feel.  And there really wasn't much of anything to feel so to speak.  All it was, was school was over for at least a good while now.  Nothing really changed for me I guess as a person, and honestly it didn't feel like anything would change period anyways, so it was whatever.  Now I just have a big piece of paper that says I'm have a bachelor's degree for whatever it's worth.  It's nice, but I guess it was more relieving that I didn't have to deal with cramming for tests.

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Instead of cramming for tests, I get to deal with deadlines at work which is... more or less the same in some ways.  I started working a Crunchyroll as an intern, in somewhat laughable circumstances.  When I sent my application, I was asked what happened to last year's application.  The previous year, I had sent in my resume, but I didn't see a reply so I just assumed that it was a lost opportunity.  But it turned out that they had actually replied to my email from the previous year and I just had completely missed it.  I'm not really sure how, but when I looked through my inbox, I couldn't find it at all so..... I have no idea!  I can only guess that it got lost in spam which is kinda weird, but whatever, I luckily got the internship!

This has been the first place where I have enjoyed both the work, and more importantly the people that I work with.  Alot of the company (not to say all), enjoy anime to some extent and of course, there are quite a few that are quite strong.  I have had a lot of fun with my co-workers both at work and out of work which is nice.  Currently there's alot of people in the company playing Monster Hunter 4 which is pretty great since it's a game that has a large cooperative part in it so it's fun to play with other people.

On the more unfortunate side, because of the amount of time that I end up spending in the office, I don't spend nearly as much time playing fighting games.  It's something that I would still like to keep as a part of what I do, so when CP Extend comes out hopefully I can keep that :<

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