Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random Short Guide to kakorokuRecorder

This isn't really that important, but here's just a short little guide on how to use kakorokuRecorder.  First of all, this is used to download timeshifted videos, so I'm assuming that you already know how to timeshift videos and have already timeshifted one.
First you'll want to go to options, because you'll need to input your login info so that you can download from the timeshift video.  So by going to (T) and then (O), that'll bring you to options.

Options Menu
Here's your options menu.  The top half, you can select and if you can select one of the browsers where you're logged in, that works, but I couldn't really get that working, so you can just login using the second half which is what I did.  Don't forget to hit the button next to work you put your password because that actually logs you in.  If you login successfully, it should display ログインしました

Adding a Timeshift
After clicking OK, you paste in the URL of your timeshift in and then you click on the highlighted button on the right.
Hurray everything works!
And, if everything goes all right, you should have a page like this where the right side it displays the information of your timeshift that you're downloading, with the bottom right part being the log.  If everything works according, it should be downloading it in the Rec folder of kakorokuRecorder!
Or... it doesn't work :<
If you can't get it to work and you see the 不明 that means there was some error.  The bottom right message will be your log that you can take somewhere and try and decipher but that's real hard since it's in moonspeak :/   So as a last resort, you can just use RTMP Dump Helper which is alot easier to use but more tedious and time consuming unfortunately

There is a link for those who want to find out.

Keep in

To those trying to download USER broadcasted streams, follow what it says under 
How to Record Timeshifted User Broadcasts with kakoroku

Copy pasted here in case it goes down for whatever reason
How to Record Timeshifted User Broadcasts with kakoroku
This information is completely from the above.

This is using kakoroku 1.5.4

Download “” from this link

Rename the file downloaded to something else such as “rtmpdumpTS” and place in the kakoroku folder

Open kakoroku
Go to Tools (T)>Options (O)
Go to the last tab, rtmp指定

In the bottom section, ユーザー放送, uncheck both of the boxes

In the first blank created, set it to lead to the file you just placed in the folder
For example, like this:

To the right of the second blank, click “入力フォーム”
Click “指定1”
Change “-r” at the beginning to say “-vr”

Say OK to accept the changes and go back to the main kakoroku window

Now you should be able to record user broadcasts

If the program is split and the later files fail, manually record each one by typing the number at the end after a comma like this:
lv123456789,2 for second file
lv123456789,3 for third

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