Tuesday, December 6, 2011

North East Championship XII : Log

 Alright, so it's been a while since I've created this blog so it's about time I've actually posted something on this thing haha xD

So this weekend I went to North East Championship. I was randomly able to find a ride with Jon a couple days before the tournament. We left on Friday night at around 8 pm due to Jon having work and me having class. By the time we got to Philly, it was 1 am which isn't too bad considering our start time. I met Jon's friends, the people I roomed with, and was shown around the hotel and where all the games would be tomorrow. After that, we went back to the room where they were playing Tekken. Considering I don't really play Tekken, I decided to wander around outside and got to play some casuals in BB with Axis, Tonberry, and St1ckbug which was pretty fun. I went back to my room at like 4am at which point they were wondering where I had gone lol

On Saturday, I got some casuals in before the tournament with some people. The ones I remember was K2, a Mu, and... I think that's all I really remember :/. My memory sucks o.o But anyways the tournament starts. My first opponent was Level-5 chan and I am so glad that I didn't lose to him cause had I, I would have had to play Tonberry in Losers and I'm not too sure how well that would have gone >_> I don't really remember much until Winner's Semifinals, or at least what I think is Winner's Semis.... But yea. I played against Xie and just got wrecked o.o I couldn't block mixup at all from his Plat which was super solid. I really want to watch the replay and see what I could have done >_< So I was knocked into losers at that point. I had to play against Leo7 who played a crazy Valk. Valk is so scary to play against with his those normals along with wolf pressure. I have zero Valk experience I'm pretty sure. I don't think I've ever played a Valk online and definitely have not played a Valk offline so this match was a completely new learning experience for me. There were so many points in that match that I was sure I was going to lose but I somehow clutched it out. Then I had to play K2. I went into the match feeling somewhat ok since I did play against K2 earlier in casuals. It went pretty well for me in game as well. I felt that I knew what I was doing and what I needed to watch out for and all was good.
Also, I'm retarded, and I played Leo7 in Winners before Xie.... >_> Woops.  Plus I'm too lazy to change it now D:

And then, I had to play OmniSScythe.... Now this match was... I'm not even sure how to describe it >__> I played against Omni amount online during the summer and I pretty much got rocked all summer. So playing against him in tournament was pretty nerve wracking. I even got a call right before the start of the match so that was really bad. But anyways, the first game went pretty damn well for me. But the second and third game... I just couldn't take the momentum and keep it. There were times in the second game where I barely survived and I was able to make some sort of comeback, but there were so many more issues before that. I got hit by resets, and mixup for free and I couldn't really stop it. I respected way too much and I think that there was a whole bunch of issues because of that.

After that game I was kinda sad because of how well I did the first game. That game made me think “I'm in there” and for that moment I was. But, there's a whole bunch of things in my game that I still need to work on. Anyways, the rest of the tournament proceeded which was full of hype. Good shit to Brice for making it to third with Tager, and SKD and LK for having a great grand finals. After BB tournament, things cooled down for me. At that point it was like 11-12 pm and that whole day, I hadn't had anything to eat or drink the whole day. I barely left the anime room at all that day... I was too lazy to order something so I ended up just getting an ounce bag of pretzels.... Probably not the most filling meal but yeaaaaa >_>

Sunday was full of great lulz. It started with CSEX being set up on the main stream setup. Then someone(that I can't remember... might have been me), called out about UnlimitedMARS mode on the start screen. Turns out this mode is essentially score attack except that all of the CPU opponents are unlimited. They also added new moves and supers to the unlimited characters to make them even more lulz/bullshit. Trying to beat Unlimited Tao and Unlimited Litchi, unofficially dubbed as Unlimited Lord Knight, was super hype. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long because I had to go and play Marvel that I had randomly signed up for when I pre-registered. Couple things I've learned about Marvel – I have no fucking clue how to deal with Vergil. His teleports combined with Taskmaster's or Hawkeye's assist make it really annoying to block. Plus I'm not exactly sure how to punish Vergil in general when he's on the offensive. I also learned that when Magneto has a strong get-in assist, he's really annoying to block/really hard to block. Also being on stream for Marvel is really lulzy for me cause I'm no good at Marvel and I totally didn't expect to ever get on stream. Oh yea, Melty tournament was also Sunday, and I learned I suck at that game :/ I need to play more. After I was quickly eliminated from both Marvel and Melty, Jon and I drove back at around 4 pm. Because of that, we got back at around 10 pm which was nice.

A couple of things at this tournament were kinda weird to me. I'm really confused that SKD even remembered me from ECT. I wasn't notable at all at ECT except.... I guess getting double astraled in tournament is something to be remembered for.... Not a good thing of course, but it's something. And I got a bunch of complements for my stick :3 This was a little surprising, but I'm surprised at how much people liked my stick. Also the jokes that SKD made with my stick made me laugh a lot.  Another thing that surprised me was the fact that I got 7th.  After I lost to Omni, I was sure I got 9th or something like that, but when LK told me I got 7th I was like :O.  And then I got monies :3  What also made me slightly confused, but really amused was what Spooky said about my handle on the stream. I remember he said how my tag was godlike and that I had a bunch of shit in the lab. I have nothing prepared in Marvel only just press buttons which is amusing. And then I got blown up lolololol

The moon speak translates to "so free"
So some reflections on the tournament. I had a bunch of fun and got to play a decent amount of casuals, but I couldn't play as much cause I left early Sunday, but it was still all good. Rewatching some of the replays, I see so many things that I really need to work on and improve on my part. I've learned once again that my defense sucks. I need to find more options to do when my character is under pressure, how they might counter, and find answers to those. I also need to be more proactive in my hit confirming.... For some reason, I'm retarded and I never thought about using firepunch after hitting with 6D even though this is in half of Bang's combos..... I'm pretty stupid. TL;DR, I need to level up >_< Now if only anyone in Pittsburgh would actually play BB with me :/

So couple of closing statements, Thanks Jon for driving me to NEC and back. It was an amusing car ride and hopefully you'll be able to make it out on Thursday for CMUken.  Hopefully I'll get to see everyone that I saw at NEC at some other tournament in the future >_<  GG's to everyone I played and fun times were had.

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