Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas + Remodeling

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or w/e if you don't celebrate anything around this time of year.  So winter break has started and I've been doing kinda productive things?  If nothing else, I'm moving along with some of the random things that I've wanted to do and learning some other random things as well.

If you haven't noticed, I've changed the header to something better (or at least I would like to believe so).  I ended up learning some CSS in order to be able to edit it the way I wanted to and after going through a couple of loopholes, I was able to fix it ^^  And now it looks pretty good I would say.  Later on, I plan on adding some sort of background to my blog.  What it will be, I have no clue but, I'll find out when I decide to make it.

I forgot about the wolf=__=
In other news, I've finally gotten around to beating Twilight Princess.  I decided to stream it because I thought might as well since I was able to and I had the time and I was at the very end of it.  There was alot of things that I kinda derped on, namely the puzzles.  There's this one puzzle that I fucked up really really badly on.  It's so bad I'm not even sure how to describe how bad it was.  Since I streamed it, I have a recording of it that's now on Youtube that you can watch.

Speaking about games, I've played through Super Mario 3D Land.  It was a pretty amusing game.  Interestingly enough, I learned from both this and Twilight Princess that when there's something that fucks me up, I tend to just ram my head against it until it works.... Which isn't exactly the smartest idea it turns out since you can die.  But it was ok in Super Mario 3D Land since I essentially had infinite lives since they were so free with them.  The game was pretty easy, as I kinda just blazed through it in like 6-7 hours.  To be fair, I didn't bother doing the other world cause I was lazy >_>  Even so, it was fun especially the last fight against Bowser.

As for other things, I think I'll have to push playing Skyward Sword back again.  A friend of mine from college asked to play the game with me, so I'll just play it with him after college starts up again.  So instead of playing that, I'll go and play Final Fantasy XIII.  I plan on playing it on an arcade stick cause I'm not going to really give any fucks even though I can't change the camera angle... but that's going to be something that I'll have to deal with.

I've also been screwing around with my streaming equipment.  I found a couple of weird things that I'll just put down here for reference later when I write up my guide later.  I have an option for my Black Magic Intesity Shuttle to capture in 10 bit as to 8 bit, but for some reason 8 bit is much more clearer from what I could tell.  It could be because of how there isn't as much support for 10 bit, but it's something interesting that I found.  Also, premium cables suck.  Even though they are "premium" they're a pain adjust and put in nicely.  I think I've learned my lesson with those and will stick with normal wires >_>

So hopefully by next time I'll have a couple of videos of me playing through FFXIII and seeing how that goes

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