Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So joys, finals are over and what not.  Now I get to be lazy and not do anything for a while.  Well... to be fair that's kinda what I did during finals week but let's not get into that.  

ok not really :/
During finals week, one major thing happened.  I got a new computer which is not made by Dell and therefore not a complete failure!  The really nice thing about this new laptop is that it's good enough that I can stream via something like the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle (which I suckered into getting), or record matches using that.  I'll write a post later detailing exactly how my setup is going to work, hopefully with pictures and what not so other people that may be interested will be able to find out.

Another thing that I've been looking forward to do during winter break is finally get my hands on Skyward Sword >_<   I've been meaning to play this game for so long but I didn't want to distract myself during finals cause that would have ended up in a disaster (if they haven't already lol).  So when I get back, I'll get about to playing that game and hopefully streaming it.  Also, Legend of Zelda related, I just beat Master Quest.  I'm... not too sure what to say about Master Quest.... the dungeons in that game were kinda stupid to be honest.  There were some stupid things that I really don't think should have been in the dungeons, or somehow streamlined.

If you haven't played Master Quest, and don't wished to be spoiled by the dungeons, skip this paragraph.  
My biggest complaint in Master Quest was the stupid Spirit Temple.  There are so many random arbitrary things in that temple is that it's stupid.  You start the Spirit Temple in child form as usual, and you go about doing stuff until you get the Silver Gauntlets and you feel super awesome and turn back into an adult so you can use them.  Then you go through the dungeon as an adult.  Turns out that one of the silver keys that you made appear is in one of the rooms that you can only access as a child.  So you need to go back to the Temple of Time, change back, get the key and then retransform back into an adult.  That's just really out of the way to get one silver key which I feel is pretty flow breaking which kinda sucks.  There's also a room in the Spirit Quest which is completely useless namely the room where you have to play the song based on the picture above a gate.  Though there are no real signs or clues given as to how this is suppose to proceed.  Either way, it leads you nowhere and doesn't actually give you anything useful if you solve that room.  I didn't and I still completed the game so I dunno.
dat moon :<

Also, the game has some stupid things like cows as switches in Jabu Jabu's Belly.  The cows are embedded in the stomach wall and when you shoot them, they either cause doors to open, or items fall out of them... Yea I don't understand why either.  But all in all, Ocarina of Time is still a good game, though I definitely need to go and play Majora's Mask.  Something that I'm definitely missing out on.

Anyways, other things that I plan on doing during winter break.
Apply for more internships and hopefully get accepted somewhere

Write a program for Android.  Probably just a basic one that say, displays Blazblue frame data or something
Make a post about streaming equipment and whatnot
Play FF XIII to prepare for XIII-2
Cry over final grades cause I suck at school
Kinda a longish list >_>  We'll see how well I can move through this list.

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