Monday, January 9, 2012

Apex: The Tournament about Melty Blood right?

I think this was the game that was played
So this past weekend I went to Apex and long story short, it was amazing.  It's pretty much the first smash tournament I've been to since the one smash tournament that I went in my freshman year in high school.  It was nice to see alot of other people and see smash on the big screen and it was fun to be there.  I got to see some old friends from high school and meet some new people.

Interestingly enough, this tournament was also a Road to Evo tournament meaning that for the main games at Evolution 2012, you can get ranking points and get placed so that you won't have to play against other placed players early in the bracket, a good way to prevent great players taking each other out in the beginning of the tournament.  So, they had Street Fighter and Marvel, but I ended up playing neither of those games.  Or Melee and Brawl which were the center pieces of Apex.  Instead I played Melty Blood.  All weekend.

Blockstring: 236a
Repeat as necessary
Playing Melty Blood was fun.  I got to randomly spread Melty Blood to other people in the Smash community. Hopefully it has a much more thriving future (unlike Blazblue ;__;).  Speaking of Blazblue, we did get a setup of Extend for a short while.  Then I watched Melee Grand Finals and that took quite a while to say the least.  I'll probably main H-Arc for now.  I think that after looking around at alot of the cast, she might be a decent pick for me.  I kinda wanna try to play Satsuki as well, but I'm just going to focus on learning H-Arc to learn the game first.  After that, I'll branch out to more characters and see how that goes.

Talking about smash related things, I got to play a bit of smash, but not too much.  The level of play at Apex in general was alot higher than I thought.  Alot of the players were either my skill level, or above which was interesting to see.  I was pleasantly surprised by this because I'm not a complete scrub at the game so knowing that alot of the players there were better than me means there's lots of people dedicated to the game.  I'm not trying to say I'm good at smash, because I'm really not, but it's good to know that smash still has a thriving community even though the game is so old.  I hope Melty Blood or Blazblue can reach those levels here in America at some point.

Random note, this anime is awesome
I got to finally see some of the great players in person for smash which was pretty cool for me.  Dr. PeePee is a really chill guy who has a nice sense of humor.  Hungry Box is also pretty chill... Actually in general, most of the community was pretty awesome which was really cool.  I roomed with a friend of mine who were hosting alot of the overseas players like Sweden, PeePee, a guy from Florida, and someone from the Bahamas.  It was pretty cool to meet alot of random people from the community and hang out with them.  Hopefully I can make it to the next Apex even though I probably won't play Melee or Brawl there.

So yea, I had a pretty cool weekend over at Apex.  Shout outs to Atomsk, Internet Explorer, Arda (I dun actually know your tag :/), and Alex(you dun has one :<) for seeing you guys after so long.  Hope all the people that were interested in Melty Blood will pick it up and start their own communities in their own state ^^  Now I need to finish FF XIII before school starts.... Shit.

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