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Winter 2012 Anime First Impressions + First Week of School

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - It kinda works like this
In a way....
It's been quite a while (relatively speaking) since I've written a blog post.  With school and starting and stuff, I might just turn this into a more weekly thing which might mean longer posts, but that's how things go.
At this point, I think that I've seen enough of the animes of this season to make some sort of judgement as to what I think of them.

Winter 2012 Anime (in no particular order)

General Thoughts - There isn't anything in particular that's really eye catching to me.  There's alot of stupid things like anime usually has.  The ones that I've been looking forward to and have met my expectations are sequels.  There hasn't been much that's standalone that's caught my attention and kept it.  And without further ado, here are quick impressions of the anime that I've watched so far.
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - Probably the best comedy out of this season.
Natsume Yuujinchou Shi - If you watched  the previous ones, which you definitely should, it's seems like more of the same.  Considering how good the previous ones are, this isn't a bad thing at all and I'm looking forward to this anime.
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - Well... this anime didn't really turn out as expected at least setting wise.  Aside from setting wise, I'm not exactly sure what to think of it.  There's nothing much else I can say about this except that it'll probably be a harem of lolis.
Recorder to Randoseru - Each episode is 3 minutes which have been pretty amusing.  If nothing else, it takes no time at all to download or watch, so something amusing enough to watch.
Thermae Romae - This anime has been quite amusing oddly enough.  It's about Rome and baths along with random teleportations to modern day Japan.  It's charming enough to have me continue watching it
Kill Me Baby! - The opening and ending are pretty troll. Aside from that, it's pretty standard comedy fare except with a tsun tsun assassin, aloof ninja, and Yui(from K-on).
Inu x Boku Secret Service - This show kinda just sucks.  There's not much else
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II - I like how a friend of mine described it so I will do so in the same manner.  If you watched the first season of this show, you probably noticed that they took drugs when making it.  Now imagine if they took the profits from the first season, bought better drugs and then made the second season.  That's what you get in a nutshell.
Area no Kishi - Shounen + Soccer.  That's it
Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki - Also only 3 minutes about a round cat.  Amusing enough for me and kinda stupid but it's lulz.
Prince of Tennis - I watch this shows cause I like tennis
Nothing else.
Nisemonogatari - Like Bakemonogatari.  That's pretty much it.
Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama - More ridiculous tennis like the original.
Another - Hasn't really fleshed out yet since it's one of those horrors and it's trying to set up the whole entire mood.  Can't really make a good decision on how good it will be.
Rinne no Lagrange - Girls + Robots.  Also doesn't take itself too seriously which is nice
Ano Natsu de Matteru - I have no idea where this show is going.  It's... hasn't been particuarly good or bad in either direction.  Still too many things that need to be revealed. 
And that's about the 14 anime that I've been keeping up with (not including the ones from last season).

Also, with the first week of school over at this point, I might as well make judgement as to what I think about this semester's classes
18-202 Mathematical Foundations of Electrical Engineering - Math so w/e
18-220 Electronic Devices and Analog Circuits - We studied about how silicon is made up chemically wise.  Felt more like chemistry than anything else.  Not looking too good right now
18-240 Structure and Design of Digital Circuits - More up my alley.  I'm liking this class so far.
82-272 Intermediate Japanese II - Lol Japanese.

Kinda relevant 
This weekend I also got to run through House of the Dead Overkill.  It's a really funny game with great dialogue and plot that makes no sense.  Like a good zombie movie/game.  If you wanna watch me and my friend run through it, it's on Twitch TV on the channel Team 2A.
Here is a link for the lazy people out there.

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