Sunday, February 5, 2012

School + CMUken/Fighting Games

I'd be the one sleeping if I was a "guy".
And Kanji watched over me while I sleep.
So, I apologize for not updating my blog because I'm lazy and bad at managing time.  Alot of it has been laziness on my part, but a small part of it was because I had a bunch of work to do, but honestly that's not really the point.

School has been a little bit more than I expected.  Then again, this is probably because I was at Setsucon last weekend and didn't do any work that weekend or the week before that.  Because of that, I had a bunch of homework due last week.  This made my work, and sleep schedule pretty messed up seeing that I slept at like 6 am for 5 days in the last week.

I think this is how our stream
equipment looks now
In better news, CMUken has been something that has surprising growth.  Ever since the new semester, more people from both CMU and the people around the Pittsburgh scene have dropped in to play games.  With the new arrival of SC5, we'll actually have a 3D game that people will play unlike Tekken unfortunately.  But because of that, we've also run into the issue of we don't have enough setups to work with.  We right now have  4 standard setups with consoles, and 2 setups with laptops.  With these setups, we need to accommodate about 20-25 people.  Normally this would be ok if we only really had one game that people played, but with all of the new games that are coming out, we don't have enough space to accommodate for everything there.  So something that me and my friend we're thinking about we're ways of obtaining more monitors in order to allow more setups to be there.  Hopefully we get that started so we can have more setups for people play.

While we're at it, our streaming equipment has become pretty awesome.  On a related note, because of CMUken Challenges, we've pretty much played exclusively games that we can only get through emulation on computer.  Setting it up with two computer would be pretty straightforward, but when you decide to use the same computer for streaming and for playing the game, things get pretty interesting quickly.  I might make a blog post later about the whole entire set-up and some of the issues that I've run up against that I need to iron out.

Flying around
Sometimes dangerous
I haven't talked about fighting games in particular for a while now, but now that I've played some last night, I think there's a few things that I need to focus on and really improve.
Not using all of my air options at once - Now this ties in with alot of things that are important, but for now, what I need to focus on is getting in.  One bad habit that I have that I have trouble breaking is the way that I approach from the air.  I tend to do something like jump, double jump then airdash in.  At this point, I've used all of my movement options which essentially makes my approach super easy to read at that point.  I can only come down with an aerial, or block, and blocking puts me in not the best of situations so I take the option to do an aerial.  Against a character with a strong anti-air, this can something ends up with a corner carry into the corner with oki which is a terrible place to be no matter who you are.  I need to vary up my approaches with post ground approaches and using a single jump, double jump and airdashing to keep away anti-airs from hitting me.
Baiting out bursts/counter-assualts - Something that I'm really really bad at.  I tend to try and just auto-pilot pressure which often gets me hit by counter-assaults, and when I get a hit confirm, just confirm into a combo.  Being blown back by burst hurts alot in general because it's lost of pressure and lost of momentum which sucks alot.  I need to try and see if I can get burst-safe combos (which I have no idea how they would work with Bang) and use moves that I can jump cancel to avoid the counter assault.

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