Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Brawl + Distant Worlds

It's been quite a while since I've written on my blog.  Mainly due to a bunch of work coming up such as tests, homework and what not.  In fact, I just finished a homework assignment due today and I still have another one due Friday which will take quite a bit of time.  But in the mean time, I talk about the more interesting things that I did over the past few weeks.

It kinda worked out like this
So, a couple weeks ago I went to Winter Brawl with a bunch of people from Pittsburgh.  I would have to say the most interesting thing about this trip was actually the ride there and back.  Due to some complications, we ended up having to fit 6 people into a car.  It wasn't a sedan so we didn't have to cram 4 people in the back, but since we did have a Prius, we had to stick someone into the trunk.  So, a friend sat in the trunk for the whole 6 hours to Pennsylvania, and the 6 hours back to Pittsburgh.  Keep in mind that aside from him, the trunk was completely packed.  So he was squished between all of our luggage which was quite amusing.  But, what I found even more amusing, was when we took breaks to get gas or food.  We would have to take him out of the car through the trunk, and when we were done, pack him back into the trunk.  Watching the reactions of people that could see us doing this was absolutely hilarious.  Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of this, but the confusion on their faces was definitely something to see.

That feeling when you perfect someone
in tournament. 
At Winter Brawl, Jason and I set up our recording equipment.  It was nice that we were able to record matches at Winter Brawl.  I did commentary for most of the Blazblue matches but I can't say I'm particularly proud of any of it.  But I'm glad that Jason and I went to set up our recording equipment and record matches.  I'll put a link to the youtube channel for those that care.  Unfortunately, my performance at Winter Brawl wasn't really anything spetacular.  I could blame it on alot of things like lack of sleep, being forced to man the streaming station the whole time, but in the end I couldn't really perform in any of the games.  Except for Marvel.  Oddly enough, even though I didn't practice too much Marvel before Winter Brawl, I made top 64 which surprised me.  Maybe it's time to get serious in Marvel....

I hope it's as epic as the concert made it to be
The weekend after Winter Brawl, I went to Distant Worlds.  As a whole, Distant Worlds was well put together.  I enjoyed all of the orchestrations of the pieces but, then again, I've already heard all of the orchestrations for all of the pieces except for Final Fantasy XI and XII, so I already knew how they would sound like.  Being a video game concert, they also projected a video while the orchestra played.  It definitely a good way to evoke memories for those who have played the games and added an aspect that you can't get with just the music itself considering video game music is meant to accompany the visual that the video game gives you.  The way they presented the opera in FF VI was enough to inspire me to play FF VI next.  Distant Worlds was definitely an enjoyable experience.  Hopefully I can attend a concert again.

Oh a small note, Pittsburgh is free.  One Winged Angel being noticeably absent from the program, they played it as the encore.  But, since they didn't have a chorus, they told the audience to sing with the lyrics on the bottom of the video.  As amusing and awesome as it was, Pittsburgh payed to be there, and had to sing.

Stay free Pittsburgh.

Also, here are the videos to the games that we recorded - Team2a

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