Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Season's Beatings: Summer Slam + Sophomore Year

Unlimited Blade Works
Cause it's cool and stuff
It's been quite a while since Season's Beatings: Summer Slam, but I might as well write about them.  I can say that this was easily one of the worst tournaments that I went to experience wise.  The venue was great and it was nice that the venue was quite spacious without being crowded with people, but even so it turned out to be a pretty bad tournament for Pittsburgh in general.

This was the tournament that Pittsburgh brought the most people that I had seen before to a tournament.  Thankfully, we didn't have to fit them all into one car and we traveled up to Pittsburgh in 3 different cars.  Going to the tournament, most of Pittsburgh was pretty excited how it would turn out for Pittsburgh since many of the big names that would have normally showed up to a Road to Evo tournament were at clockw0rk's charity event if my memory serves me correctly.  So, we were expecting toi_yet to do well in Marvel and Skullgirls and expecting TJ to make it high in KOF 13.  Long story short, results didn't turn out as expected and everyone placed lowered than expected, which was quite unfortunate.

I REALLY don't like this guy :/
Not only that, but I've learned that I really really don't like OMG itz Andre.  I will admit that he is without a doubt a better MvC3 player than me, but that still doesn't excuse his actions.  He's overly obnoxious to those playing, inconsiderate of others, and an attention whore to say the least.  Every match toi_yet played, Andre continually harassed toi_yet even though he didn't even know who the opposing player was.  He also forcefully pushes people away when he feels that needs to be somewhere without so much as apologizing for it.  He even literally put both of his hands on my shoulders and moved me away so that he could go through using the excuse that he "didn't want to stop my conversation".  So I learned that he's kinda a dick.
Edit - Also, he can't run brackets for shit.  He completely neglects them when he plays his own matches, failing to find a substitute, and he's obnoxious when calling them >_> 

I dunno how to read, how am I suppose
to understand?
In other more interesting news, this is the end of my sophomore year.  Which is great in a way but at the same time it is what I feel a more key turning point for myself.  During junior year, i know that my classes will get much more difficult and the the load that I will be handling will be much more intense especially compared to this year.  This year, I went around and traveled to alot of different tournaments, but this year I don't think that I will have the leisure to do so.  Not only this, but finding a internship for next year is something that I need to be aware of.  Amazingly enough, I have an internship in New York so I'll be there for about 6 weeks.  Hopefully that will be an enlightening experience which will help me decide what I want to do for the future.

Why doesn't anyone like anime games :/
I hope that I'm able to make it to many of the larger tournaments that I've had lots of fun at such as the Big E tournaments over in Philly and Season's Beatings as well.  Even if I can't make it out to the larger events, I'll try to make it to the smaller events.  Also speaking of events, it makes me pretty sad that almost every single event that I've went to recently has had no anime games such as Melty Blood or Blazblue.  Unfortunately, the midwest just doesn't have a Blazblue scene which dissappoints me because that's what I wanted to focus in when I started to seriously focus on fighting games.  All the same, I still enjoy other fighting games so I won't be super picky about what I play and let what happens happen.  If nothing else, east coast still plays anime games so I'm still all in for that ^^

Speaking of anime, I've been playing Fate/stay night.  It's been pretty interesting, but I've completed the so called good parts of it namely the main storyline Fate, and Unlimited Blade Works.  From what I've heard, Heaven's Feel is quite mediocre in comparison so... we'll see how that goes for me.

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