Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ECT 4 + Internship

I don't even remember seeing a Hakumen
Only Ragna :/
So ECT 4 just happened last weekend and I have to say, it was a great experience.  I got to meet a bunch of people on the east coast including a couple of people from Montreal.  Even without playing Blazblue for over a couple of weeks, I didn't do too poorly considering that.  Even so, I'm still disappointed for not being able to make it out of pools, and because of that, there are no match videos of how I messed up, though I do have a general idea of what I did wrong.  I also entered Marvel... but I don't really want to think or talk about that.  Also, last week I started my internship at an investment bank.  Actually working is very different than school, especially here.  Expected behavior, social conduct, and what's in general expected of me, is very different than what I'm used to.

How do these characters work :<
So let me ramble a bit about how ECT 4 went for me.  I technically did place better than I did last year, but even so, still disappointed.  So in the first round I played against Braver, a Carl player.  Long story short, I was too scared to use burst and counter assault when Carl started his pressure.  So, when he hit me, I got stuck in pressure forever because I was too scared to do anything.  So first round in losers, not too great of a place to start.  So for a while, I had time to do nothing.  When I started my first match in losers, I got to run the gauntlet.  I can't really remember who I played against at the time, but I played a whole bunch people who used characters which I don't really know the match-up all too well honestly.  I remember playing Tsubaki, and Relius.  Both of those matches were pretty rough on me since throughout the whole tournament, I was kinda nervous and also out of practice and the combination of this made me drop combos hard.  But, I made it all the way to loser's finals and once again played Braver.  Again, fuck Carl and me being too scared to use my defensive options.  I would have been alot happier had I made it out of losers finals.  Then at least I would have gotten to play against SKD which would have been interesting since the last time I actually played against SKD was at last years ECT which is kinda weird since I've been to alot of tournaments that SKD has been at.  But yea, I lost at loser's finals in my pools and was very sad about it.  No, scratch that, I'm still very sad about it.  Only thing I can really do is just go netplay some more I guess :/

As for Marvel, I got DQ'ed into losers because of the venue being too loud.  Unlike the Big E events where people are willing to go to each separate room to see if they can find people, they just stay at their station over in whatever corner they are and see if they can find people.  So, I didn't hear my name the first time so I was in losers, kinda like in Blazblue.  And then I had to fight a Rocket Raccoon :/  The assists, the mixup weren't the problem.  I actually blocked alot of the mixups that I would normally get hit by.  It was just that when RR came out, I often did combos that didn't work against him... which ultimately cost me the match and blah.  So, I suck at Marvel and that's the end of that.  Team tournament for BB was kinda sad to me.  Lost to the Relius that I beat in losers.  I couldn't really get into it so that was really bad.  Though I had a fun time hanging out, especially with kaeru.  He has an amazing stick.  He took one of the artworks that they featured in the game, which normally sounds not interesting, but what he had to do was amazing.  The artwork wasn't optimized to fit on a TE stick, and wasn't big enough.  So he completely re-vectorized the entire thing in Illustrator, rearranged the art so that it would fit onto the TE and put it on.  He also has a customized his plexiglass with FuRinKaZaan etched into it and on the bottom, Bang Shishigami.  Also FRKZ Bang is amazing, and I want to incorporate it more into my gameplay.

Well, I'll be attending the St1ckbug on June 23rd so that should be fun~  In the meantime, I'll try to play more Blazblue on a laggy TV here in NY and see if I can play with other people some time.

I wanna sleep in the office ;__;
As for how my work is going, it's different.  It's much more formal, and much more organized than anything else I've done which is to be expected.  Everything up to this point has been quite informal with a kind of "do whatever" sort of atmosphere.  For one thing, there's the whole formal-ish attire, the standard being a dress shirt, slacks, and dress shoes.  Depending on what needs to be done that day like pitching a deal, jacket, and tie are required.  So far, my job has consisted of doing a bunch of research on companies and being well versed in what they offer and be able to put it into a "pitchbook" and printing it out.  Of course, since I'm only an intern, there's a bunch of busy work that they have me do like binding 10 copies of a pitchbook and 10 copies of a 55 page presentation while making sure each page isn't messed up like with a splotch, or the paper has marks on it for whatever reason.  Also, note that the hole puncher used to bind all of the books can only handle 10-15 pages max before it's impossible so it took a long time for me to bind all of it.  But hey, it's mindless work that I'm getting money for so whatever.  While we're at it, it keeps me from falling asleep.  I already got lectured for falling asleep on the desk.  Also I got facebook, twitter, and dustloop banned from the computers.  So it's a good thing that I have internet on my phone.  

Also, a small note to myself, I'm going to decide the order of the games that I'll play and finish now. 
Top priorities - Majora's Mask, Catherine, Skyward Sword, Mother 3 
After I'm done with the one's above - Okami, Muramasa, finish Odin Sphere Will play eventually.... - FF XIII-2, Valkryia Chronicles
Too many games ahhhhhh

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