Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bang CMV + Persona 4 Arena

So after watching the multitudes of combo videos that America has made recently in Blazblue, I was thinking that I want to make one myself.  If nothing else, it’s something that interests me and something that will keep me occupied at actually produce something (unlike last summer :/).  Most importantly, this project has a concrete deadline which should force me to get into it.  I have to release this CMV before P4A comes out in Japan, in other words, when Blazblue fades into obscurity.   So ideally, I will release it a week or two before P4A comes out which gives me about 3-4 weeks to complete this combo video.

So far, I’ve had to take a very different approach to making a combo video compared to picking it up.  I just go to a game’s respective forum or wiki, look at the BnBs, choose the ones that I can do consistently, and go from there.  The only time I actually came up with a combo, was when Skullgirls came out and no standard bnb existed yet.  So far, I’ve taken the approach of go into training mode, try to find something weird/interesting, and then extend the combo from there.  But, I’ve learned that it’s much easier to make a make a combo when you have a certain intent or goal with that combo.  For example, if your goal is damage or getting as many of “x” move in a combo, it’s much easier to build something around that.  Unfortunately, I only have a few key ideas that I want to implement in my combo video which are currently very vague, so hopefully I can find other amusing things when I get frustrated learning these combos.

One thing that has become clear when learning these combos is my execution.  I would say that my execution isn’t bad, but it’s not amazing, so learning new combos can still cause me troubles.  Thankfully I’ve been pretty good at diagnosing what I’m doing wrong when I mess up a combo so that’s helped me a lot along the way.  There are times when I wish that I had something like a programmable pad so that I don’t have to deal with input errors like Bang’s Astral, which is a double half circle back, is a real pain to input and I tend to mess it up more often than not.  Even something with a saveable macro would be great too.  Now that I think about it, I could make something that would send signals to a 360 pcb to do certain inputs for given amounts of time, but that’s too much of a pain and this will (hopefully) improve my execution either way.

Don't think Miku would 
be a good choice....
The last thing that I’ve been trying to think about was what song I should use for this combo video.  Honestly, I think that music choice is one of the most important things for a combo video.  The music needs to evoke a feeling whether it’s to hype up the viewer or psyche them out from what they expect.  In some ways, the music can be the most memorable thing in a combo video as it continually plays throughout providing backing to the combos being shown.  While we’re talking about music, syncing the video with the music and making sure that it fits the mood of the music is hype and awesome.  I still haven’t made a final decision about the music that I want to use yet, but I still have some time to cement what I want to use.  Though I would definitely like to choose what I want to use in a week.

I don't even like Chie, but this screenshot
has the makings of a gdlk signature
As a random note, I don’t understand people, but people keep on finding my blog because of Persona 4 Arena, looking for the arcade dump of the game.  This greatly amuses me partially because there won’t be a dump of the game because it’s on the NESICA system that Arc System Works has which requires you to be connected to the internet with a fiber optic connection.  But, I can’t blame them because I’m also pretty hype for the game although I’ve been falling behind in keeping up with the new P4A videos.  For now, I’m going to focus on my combo video, but once I’m done with that, I’ll be going in on P4A hard.  I’ve (I think?) narrowed down my focus to either Yosuke or Akihiko.  I’ve only seen a couple of things with 1.02 including Mitsuru’s humongous Bufudyne (wut) and Kanji’s greatly reduced active frames for his R-action.  I really hope that more people will jump on P4A than Blazblue, but honestly, I don’t think that’s going to happen because it’s an anime game and America hates on anime games all day, every day.  I can only hope that people will pick it up and stay with it.  Or I could just move to Japan.

Yea, that would work.

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