Friday, November 9, 2012

Fighting games and what not + skool stahp pls

It's been way too long since my last blog post, partially because I feel like I don't have anything important or interesting to write about, but also because I'm lazy and don't feel like writing about anything as well.  But then again, I think I forgot that I started this blog for myself to just write about whatever the hell I wanted so if you don't find this interesting then meh :<

It seems that every time school begins to get into the flow of things, I find it harder and harder to play seriously at any period of time.  With school work, I tend to procrastinate which isn't very good with having a decent and relaxed schedule.  Because of this, my schedule tends to be pretty hectic(sometimes because of myself) which makes it pretty hard to open up a certain slot of time to seriously put work into the lab, or fighting games in general.  I tend to just use fighting games more of ways to relax and just hang out with friends rather than trying to seriously get into them.  I still have fun with fighting games either way, so honestly there isn't that much of a problem in that aspect, but I would also like to improve before NEC.  I want to do well at NEC, but I can't say that I've been putting in the effort or the time into it.

Akihikoooo kun
Instead of trying to get better at fighting games, I've been thinking about making a combo video for Persona 4 Arena.  Of course, since my main is Akihiko, I'll make a combo video centering around him as well.  At this time, I don't have too many things cemented as to what I want.  I'm slightly worried about how Akihiko's combo structure works.  At least to me, it's very simple and quite formulaic, so finding different combo paths to work with might be annoying to find out.  It might end up that my combo video is going to center itself around random setups/mixups and what can happen from them.  I've at least picked a song for it which is quite short so that'll help out with the lack of combo paths I feel Akihiko has.  Either way, I'll find out how that goes as I start recording.

Mappa Punchuuu
I've also picked up Guilty Gear recently.  I can't say I'm any good at it and think I'm pretty ass, but it's a pretty fun game.  I'm trying to pick up Slayer as half of America is, and he's kinda an amusing character.  Mainly because he hits people and does a shit ton of damage, but that's really aside the point.  Since his dash is really just a teleport and alot of his air normals are only ok, it might be a good way to establish a better ground game since that's probably the thing that's most lacking in my gameplay.  I'll probably play pretty casually and when NEC comes around, if I feel like I'm competent by then, I'll enter.  I'll probably just play casuals at NEC and just have some fun with the game.

Aside from games, the other big thing in my life is school, which obviously enough is on a higher priority.  So far, this semester has gone... ok?  It hasn't been particularly good or bad, but it's just going.  Just going week by week doing homework.  Though recently I've been getting a little too close on deadlines, so I'm going to try and see if I can fix that.  

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