Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
It's been quite a while since I've actually bothered to write a blog post. Mainly because I've been pretty lazy and haven't really wanted to do anything. Though I have done quite a bit since my last blog post. I've finished my Akihiko combo video right before NEC, went to NEC, finished school that semester, went skiing, played through FF XIII-2 (mostly), Jourdal's youtube channel got bodied, created a burst tutorial, went to Apex, and just finished MGS4 yesterday. Oh and the new semester started on Monday, but that's not relevant of course. Quite a few things have happened over the past few months, but it's been quite the ride. I'll probably write a separate post for my Akihiko CMV after I'm done talking about other things.

There was alot of snow up north :<
So it's a new year, so I guess that means we're not dead!? The Mayans were wrong! Who could have seen that coming!? But yea, because it's been quite a while since I've actually written a blog post, I'll quickly go through some of the past stuff that happened. NEC was really fun this year, though I would say it was a little crowded? But I guess that's a good thing in some ways. Really disappointed at my performance. Really wanted to at least make top 16 and it just didn't happen. I did have Souji, Huey, and VR Raiden in my pool. Alzarath was also in my pool but got bodied by the bus so I got quite lucky in that aspect and qualified out of my pool in losers (obviously :/) and then lost right after that. Finished school that semester which at that point had been pretty smooth sailing but after NEC kinda went crashing and burning because of group members not doing work :/ But I guess that's just how it goes sometimes, and gotta take account for that. Skiing was also fun, but not having good internet for a week was pretty crippling so I played FF XIII-2 instead. At first it seems like you can just cruise your way through the game pretty easily, but at the end game, they bring puzzle platforming (WHY) and a huge jump in enemy level. I really didn't want to grind so I kinda just gave up after trying for a couple of hours. Long story short, what the fuck FF XIII-2. Jourdal's youtube channel got bodied and I lost all my views of my combo video so that was quite sad to me ;__; Actually mainly for my Akihiko combo video since the comments were really amusing to read.

Gotta get better ahhhhhhh
So, the past weekend I went to Apex. Apex was pretty fun even though I didn't actually compete in anything at Apex. I knew that I was flying Sunday back to Pittsburgh, so I didn't want to actually enter something, make top 8 and then not be able to play later. As amusing as gate keeping would be, I don't think I really wanted to do that. So I just ended up not playing casuals in P4A and Marvel. I did well enough, but at the same time I've realized there are still alot of flaws in my gameplay. I need more variation in my play, more set up game plan and just grind things out. After Apex, I've gotten some motivation to improve. Hopefully, I'll be able to improve a bit before I get lazy again :/ But anyways I ended up spending time commentating! That was actually really fun. I commentated with DC for Persona which was really fun. I hope that I get to do more commentary at more majors, but who knows, I'm not e-sports enough :/ Oh yea, at Apex was the first time people actually approached me and commented about my combo video in person. It's really weird to hear someone say that your CMV is gdlk, but hey, I'm ok with that haha.

Is this how it works? Is it!?!??!?!?
Also, I just finished MGS4 yesterday. My main thought about that game after finishing it, was cutscenes. There were so many cutscenes trying to connect everything together in a coherent (?) story. I would honestly end up getting tired after a series of cutscenes, pause the game and then collapse on the floor for 30 minutes, wake up and watch even more cutscenes. They were really amusing to watch because of the sheer absurdity of most of them. I wish there were more gameplay segments of it, but it was pretty enjoyable either way. I should also note that this is my first MGS along with first real stealth game, so lets just say I kinda got bodied in that aspect. Doesn't help that I like pressing buttons so sneaking is kinda an issue for me :/ Have to say the last fight with Liquid is pretty sick, though from what I heard from a lot of people, a whole shit ton got retconned which I've heard is also because Kojima wanted to end the series alot earlier. I have to say it was quite enjoyable, and I think I'll probably play MGS3 next. Maybe I'll actually stream it...
Also Naomi is a bitch :/

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