Monday, August 5, 2013


It's about time I made a blog post about my experiences in the past couple of weeks which were pretty crazy.  I got to go to alot of places namely Los Angeles and Las Vegas which was nice to see a
different part of the west coast outside of the bay area.  Though I do have to say that out of all the places I've been to so far, I enjoy NorCal the best right now.  The weather and the community as so far been a blast to be with so I'm very happy that I've had the opportunity to intern here in NorCal.

hella wallscrolls
So three weeks ago I went to Anime Expo.   Planning for this trip was actually very sketchy for a long time.  I wasn't sure where I was going to stay in LA and how I was going to get down there in the first place.  In the end, I was able to get a room with DJ which was a little weird considering that we had to switch hotels as the weekend went on which was pretty weird.  I got to hang out with NorCal alot again along with PNW, Midwest and some other people as well.  It was also the first con that I actually did actual con like things there, like wait in lines for autographs, spend hella money on anime stuff, and most importantly participate in linecon.  It kind a sad experience, but linecon did let me sleep considering I didn't spend that much time sleeping in the room.  I hope that next year, even if I end up on the east coast, I can make it out for this convention because it's pretty amazing and being able to hang out with the people that I did was pretty great.

I believe in Bang!
not huey :<
The other thing special about AX was Blazblue Chrono Phantasma!  It was the second tim
e that CP was playable by the public and I got to mess around with it quite a bit which was really fun.  I also learned of unfortunate news that Huey dropped Bang for Jin.  I will say that Bang is quite... different from his previous iterations.  They changed quite a bit and the combo routes that he has now are a little weird and not something that's easily picked up on day 1 without training mode.  I had a decent amount of trouble getting used to 22A which is an interesting move.  But I've learned that it's also alot more limited than I thought it was.  You can only use it after you jump or super jump.  If you use another air action after that, you can' use it again which is quite unfortunate.  This kinda explains why I hadn't been seeing it as much out of combos and such, because it seems that it would be an interesting move to use in neutral.  As for general impressions, I felt that neutral was still very Blazblue, so if you didn't like BB for that, then you probably still won't like CP.  But with the hitstun, and blockstun decrease, the pacing in general is alot better.  You end up spending more time in neutral because of that which makes the overall pacing of the game better.  I still do hope that more people will pick the game up because it still is fun.

I really like this character though
After getting back from AX, the next weekend was Evo!  I'm a little sad by the lack of preparation I was able to do for Evo, but I definitely had alot of fun playing there.  I was able to make it out of my pools more easily than I had expected, but my first round after that was Yume.  I can't say I did well against him, but I was able to take a round off of him which was a perfect.  I was able to read his attempts to escape with orgia backdash and punish those which made me feel good, but I'm still not exactly how to play that matchup better.  After being sent to losers, I played another Aigis in loser's, Dennis from PNW.  I was honestly a little disappointed in how I did against him.  I felt like I had the ability to beat him had we played a longer set.  I was unable to adjust to his style of play and that's and my inability to frustrated me as we were playing which ended up costing me the match.  There was also Marvel, but we can ignore that and pretend that never happened =__=,  Either way I had a lot of fun at Evo.  I got to see people from EC that I hadn't seen for a while, meet up with more of PNW, and just hang out with everyone.  I have to say special shoutouts to GameCenter Arcade and FinestKO/Coopa for running the anime suite.  It was an experience to be in there and I'm very glad to have been a part of it.  Evo was definitely a new and great experience that I had.  I hope that i can make it out again and perhaps commentate some more!  I learned that commentary is based around reputation, history, and connections.  I'll try and do my best this year to put my name out so that maybe next year when BB is a main game, I'll be able to commentate!  Also, I learned that that there's a proper place to loosen up in commentary.  I think that I was a little too stiff during the Anime Suite when at that point it was a relaxed sort of atmosphere so there was no need to get caught up in everything there.  It was cool to see people that knew of me, and fucking midwest for singing the Shingeki opening everytime I played.

Speaking of which, I made a new video namely Attack on Evo.  Myung of Gamecenter asked me to make a video of all of the terrible moments in P4A Evo which mainly includes Domi Bursts, bursts being baited, and really bad dropped combos.  Getting all of the (non) combos wasn't too hard especially since I just took alot of what I did from my previous combo video and just put that in.  The real difficulty was the ending and syncing everything up there.  That took over 12 hours in editing which was well worth it I think.  Unfortunately it doesn't have that much appeal outside of the anime FGC since there's alot of in jokes, but it was pretty fun to do in the end.

I had alot of fun in the past few events so I'm very glad that I was able to go and participate in them.  I also sent to J-Pop Summit with a bunch of people and that was really fun!  I'm a sad that my stay in NorCal is ending soon.  It was really fun hanging out with everyone, but I'll make the best of what I have left!

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